the beautiful and the wasted

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In the duality I’ve seen

it’s no place to see straight or think

when will we let the light shine in

stop the fight, stop the hate

start the love, right the way

expressive being and creative

beauty in the making

from the heart we begin

hear it as it calls

let me in, let me in

let me up

let me live

live through me, the light, the peace.

the hands have always been 

the expressive 

the creative

these hands will not harm another… for they couldn’t.

I will never be the tyrant 

I will always be the friend.

I will always be the companion who seeks nothing in return, nor revenge

I will always be the giver

even if the giver never gets

I will always be the kind of heart

because that is what is meant

You may beat me with your fists or words

but I will never flinch

you may rape me with a thousand screams

but my soul you’ll never pinch

you may bruise me and may strip me

but in the end you’ll be right with me

your true color is seen.